Stress Free Wedding Planning!

Jeff and I got engaged at Chatsworth House in August 2015 and. As a self confessed control freak, no one was more concerned about me turning into a bridezilla than me!! Yet, here we are, four weeks before the big day and I can honestly say that I’m somehow remained calm and unruffled! No tears, no fall outs and minimal drama.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been a hint of family tension (lesson one…extended family are extremely presumptuous when you’re planning your wedding!), but overall, planning this wedding has been fun, exciting and stress free!

Now, I am by no means an expert, but I thought I would share with you some little ideas on keeping calm whilst planning this special day. Whether you are a bride yourself, a bridesmaids or just thinking ahead to the future, I hope that you enjoy!!


  1. Enjoy the Engagement

Getting engaged is so exciting – something that immediately catapults you into an extended stay on cloud nine. My first tip is to just enjoy the moment! Spend those first couple of months in giddy excitement; have an engagement party, buy stacks of bridal magazines and just start dreaming about what you would both like on your big day!

I felt that getting engaged bought Jeff and I even closer together and we really just spent the first couple of months just enjoying being engaged! It is a really special time to share, so treasure it.

2. Perspective

As you slowly and reluctantly come back down to earth, you are hit with a realisation – that weddings are expensive! It is very easy to spend thousands and thousands of pounds very quickly but, if you’re like us and not blessed with that kind of financial freedom, it’s important to keep perspective.

If you know what you want from the start – go with it. We have always wanted a simple, relaxed day and despite being extremely tempted by an expensive Videographer and designer bridesmaid’s dresses, we have stuck to our guns!

Your wedding is about commitment and celebrating your love for each other, and for us, we just didn’t want to start married life in debt!! So, whether you want an extravagant do or a low key affair, keep your perspective and don’t let anyone else influence your dream day!


3. Get the Family Involved

Now this may be something that sends shivers down your spine; but trust me, family are amazing when it comes to helping out with your big day. If your family are anything like mine, they will be dying to help you out in any way that they can and the things that they can do are amazing!

We have an Auntie doing our cake, another Auntie hand making meters and meters of vintage bunting and my brother working on the wedding stationery. Not only does this ease the financial pressure, it adds a wonderful personal touch that will make your day individual to you both.


I cannot recommend Debrett’s Wedding Guide (link below) highly enough! Their wedding timeline is a life saver and really breaks things down for you when you’re aa newly engaged rabbit in the headlights wondering where on earth to start!


Ever the accountant, I have chosen a spreadsheet to keep track of everything, but it is really up to you! Paperchase have beautiful binders and notebooks that you can buy or you could make your own. Keeping track of your progress is really worthwhile and extremely rewarding as you begin to tick things of the list!

5. Just ENJOY it!!

Above all – just enjoy the whole process. I’m already missing going shopping for my wedding dress and making invitations so make the most of every moment – together. The more you enjoy it, the easier and less stressful it will be.


So if you are engaged to be married, I wish you so much joy, love and happiness. I hope that these light hearted tips have been useful to you and also to those of you who are yet to start this exciting journey!

Has anyone else got a wedding coming up?

Until next time,

L xo

Wedding Guide =


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