Our Wedding Day!

I love weddings. I love that every single one is completely different and wonderfully indicative of the couple’s relationship and love for each other.

Jeff and I were conscious from the start that we wanted a fairly simple wedding that our family could get involved in.  We wanted it to be during our favourite season, Autumn, and we just wanted it to be relaxed, calm and enjoyable for all of our friends and family.

So, although this Blogmas post isn’t actually very Christmassey, I thought it would be fun to share and I hope you enjoy it! I’ve included some of the amazing pictures taken by Arlene – our friend and photographer! Her site is linked below!


I have always dreamt of getting married in the Church I go to now, and have been going to since I was little with my brother and cousins. Jeff was amazing and completely on board with this despite not being a “Church go-er” himself. We kept the Church decor simple; some home-grown pumpkins and pinecones around the Church door, and small pew ends with a single dahlia, hypericum berries and barley.


The reception venue was so much fun to decorate! We were at a nearby restaurant and hotel with a separate wedding marquee in the grounds. The autumnal theme continued with homemade bunting, pumpkin centre pieces, an autumn themed cake and a table plan embossed onto a beautiful piece of Ash. We were so thrilled with how it all came together; I really am not the most creative person in the world so seeing all of the pieces we had been gathering over the year come together so beautifully was amazing.



I can’t say that there was anything in particular that caused stress and tension whilst planning the wedding, but trying to decide on bridesmaids dresses was one of the more sensitive issues! With an autumnal theme, I didn’t want red, or orangey dresses that would take away the sharp, crisp colours of the flowers – but what else fits with autumn?!

Luckily, we have Pintrest! With a bit of online inspiration, we had decided on grey but in the end went with navy and I am so pleased that we did! The flowers really stood out against the deep blue of the dresses and the colour suited each and every one of my gorgeous bridesmaids.

At first, we bought sparkly navy dresses from Debenhams at £190 each. I wasn’t overwhelmed by them, but at the time, I just wanted to be able to cross bridesmaids dresses off my list! After sleeping on it I felt awful with how much we had spent on dresses that no one was particularly thrilled with so we took them back and mission resumed!

My amazing cousin and chief bridesmaid went on to find the dresses that we had for the day…£20 each on Ebay!! They were amazing; such good quality, fully lined and beautifully made! It is definitely worth shopping around.


The boys were in hired suits and again we went for the autumnal theme with burnt orange cravats and simple button holes. They all looked so smart!



Our florist did a wonderful job with our flowers! Dahlias were the flower of choice and the colours were bright oranges and reds. My bridesmaids had a simple bouquet of orange dahlias and my bridal bouquet included some roses and another unusual flower that I don’t know the name of!


The boys had button holes with a Chinese lantern flower , dahlia and hypericum berries.


The centre pieces at the reception were one of our favourite parts of the day; pumpkins overflowing with dahlias, berries, roses and gorgeous autumn colours. We sent many of our guests home with one  to enjoy and they lasted for almost two weeks! We even took one on our honeymoon with us.




Before I sign off this post, I’ll just share with you a few pieces that made our reception extra special.

As well as having the conventional wedding guest book for people to sign, we also had a print from an amazing company called “On Days Like These” (I shall link them below). They are able to create a template of your choice – in our case, an autumnal tree – and send you three pots of ink. Guests put their finger in and print onto your art; they then sign over their fingerprint and you are left with a unique and extra special reminder of your day and who was there.



Our table plan was made by a very talented local woodwork artist called Karn. We saw some of her work at a local craft fair, and approached her about a table plan there and then! She had never done something as big as that before, but she did a stunning job! As we provided her with the wood ourselves, it even turned out cheaper than getting one printed onto A2 card! We are hoping to hang this on a wall in our home, or make it into a table!


The bunting all around the marquee was made by my extremely talented cousin – entirely by hand! There was so much of it!! We have also kept all of this and will hang around our conservatory in the new year when we start decorating and revamping!

I really hope that you have enjoyed this glimpse into our special day! I have loved writing about it and, seven weeks on, thinking back to what a wonderful day it was for us all! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Photos provided by: https://www.facebook.com/photographybyarleneneville

Print Art: http://www.ondayslikethese.co.uk/


LB x


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