Weekend Trips: Whitby

Once again, it has been almost three months since I last wrote a blog post! It has been difficult to fit blogging in recently, and I’ve found it really hard to find the time to think of creative and exciting material. We have recently spent some time in Yorkshire on a little staycation, and it has been just what I needed to get some inspiration and motivation to start writing again!

So, to reintroduce my little blog to the world, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the picturesque and historic town of Whitby in North Yorkshire. I have never visited Whitby before and was really looking forward to exploring and to seeing the sea for the first time this year! We couldn’t be further from the coast living in the Midland so the novelty of sea, sand and seagulls never wears thin!

The drive into Whitby was beautiful and varied; we drove through the North Yorkshire moors looking down onto dramatic valleys and hills; the long road leading to Whitby tantalised us with glimpses of the coast in the distance and eventually revealed the striking Whitby Abbey ruins looking over the town. Once we had parked up, we set off and here are my top thought and observations of the day!

One: Whitby Abbey is a Must See

I have never visited a sea side town with as must atmosphere as Whitby, and I think a lot of that comes from the haunting ruins of Whitby Abbey that dominate the East Cliff of the town. It is a short climb up the 199 steps from the town itself to the abbey. Owned by English Heritage, there is a lot of information about its history and literary significance to works such as Dracula by Bram Stoker and Caedmon (the first named English poet). You can plan your visit and learn more here.


Two: Excuse the fancy dress…its the Steampunk Weekend!

On our day in Whitby, it was hard not to notice the number of people dressed in…well, outfits that you wouldn’t normally associate with a day at the British sea side. We saw large groups of people throughout the day casually walking through the beautiful cobbled lanes in goggles, corsets, waistcoats and fascinators. We clearly didn’t get the memo…

As it turns out, our visit fell in the middle of the Whitby Steampunk Weekend – a biannual event combining 19th century style with science fiction…who knew?! The weekend includes masquerade balls, cabaret and spiritualist mediums as well as the most incredible costumes I have ever seen! If you fancy taking part in 2019 – or are just intrigued – there is loads more information here

Pictures from the Guardian

Three: Quirky Shops

As a kid, a lot of my coastline experiences were at Skegness and, fun as they were, it has to be said that the shopping isn’t great and the food is, well, just fish and chips. In Whitby, there are hundreds of gorgeous, quirky shops and boutiques – none of which are filled with the usual seaside town tat! Don’t get me wrong, there were a few novelty shops by the sea, but if you venture through the cobbled lanes, you’ll find galleries, bookshops, bakeries, and vintage clothing. We treated ourselves to a canvas by artist Catherine Stevenson from the adorable Whitby Galleries which is a lovely souvenir of our trip.

Four: Food Food Food!

A key part of any day trip – food! Whitby has a huge range of places to eat and drink. There are, of course, plenty of venues offering the traditional Fish & Chips but there is a lot more on offer if that isn’t your cup of tea. We had a pit stop at the very cool and quirky “Sherlocks” which I can definitely recommend! By no means fine dining, Sherlocks offers tea, cake and snacks in huge portions all within the atmospheric setting of Sherlock Holmes’ house!

Later in the day, we also visited Arnies which has loads of outside sitting in the main Whitby square so it is a great spot for watching the world go by!


There is so much more that I could say about Whitby; the pier, the lighthouse, the people…but I shall leave it there and hope that you are inspired to spend some time there yourself!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post since the Spring – I have now got a few ideas in my notebook so I’m hoping not to leave it so long next time!

Until next time,

LB x


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